What do you TRULY Desire?

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What do you truly desire?  Now, there’s a good question.

I would offer to say that most people living on the planet today are either too afraid to say what they truly desire or are so distracted by everything and everyone else they don’t even know where to begin answering that question.  They just haven’t thought about it as they are too busy running around putting out seeming ‘fires’ all the time.  Well, there’s a reason for that.

It takes EFFORT to look at yourself and ask “What do I really and truly want for me (and my life)?”

It also takes HONESTY.

Honesty is being self-honest.  Who you really like and DON’T like being around.  Unfortunately, for the people who are busy distracting themselves and putting out other people’s fires, this is their biggest hurdle for creating a life that they truly desire.  The reason they don’t or haven’t spent a lot of time in self-reflection is that they know if they sat down with themselves and got REAL HONEST they probably would say that they don’t enjoy hanging out with approximately 80% of the people they are around.  80%?!!!  Yes, I believe that I’m even being a bit generous as it could be higher.  How do I come up with such a number?  Glad you asked! ^_^

The ratio to your own self-avoidance and self-reflection is equal to the percentage of people you don’t want to be around or have a dysfunctional relationship with. Heart math.

Basically, we’ve allowed the erosion of our own sense of self (our TRUE SELVES) for sooo long, that we have forgotten what we really enjoy doing or being anymore.  We’ve forgotten and lost ourselves along life’s way.

And cause you don’t want to be around people or they don’t uplift you in any authentic way, you leave feeling poorly afterwards and beat yourself up for having put yourself into that situation – or – you end up hurting yourself in other ways and feeling bad.  The end result is that you feel heavy and drained.  Now, some of this is how you look at things, how you process your incoming information.  Another part of this is how you determine who is uplifting and not.  Usually, it’s super obvious.  We know who we don’t like being around and we are very clear on that.  We know who we do like being around and it’s very simple if we allow our feelings.  We just want to believe a fantasy instead like “Family is supposed to support each other!” and “My partner always has my best intentions at heart.” and “They seem and act like a nice person but I know how they talk about other people and it’s definitely not nice!”  Now is the time to let the fantasies go.  Real life (aka you) is knocking on the door and asking you to step up and live an authentically honest life for you.  Are you up for the challenge.  Are you ready to back yourself up and live life for you?  If so…way to go!  You’ve decided that you are important too.  And you are.

Now, to create that life you want to really live.


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