Life is like boxed chocolates except…

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You get to CHOOSE what chocolates you eat.  Even if you take a bite and don’t like it – you don’t have to eat it.  Let that old belief system go that your grandmother or grandfather forced upon you while they made you to eat the crappy chocolates you didn’t like.  That is old and we are here today to create NEW!  Yaaay!!

And remember that part in that famous movie that said “Ya, never know what you’re gonna get!” (in said box of chocolates).  I’ll call bull-oney on that one too as most upstanding boxes of chocolates come with their own index of the delicacies contained inside.  All you need to do is read the insert and determine which chocolate is tasty for you.  Easy peasey.

Now people are a little more challenging to decipher. But good news!  We all have internal detectors that can read energy and the being of a person.  We all have our internal radar detectors that tell us when people are a fit for us – or not.  It’s a nifty little device most of us aren’t even consciously aware we carry within us, but we do.  And we are going to keep exploring more and more just HOW to use this beautiful, accurate and helpful device in service to ourselves and our lives!  Here we go!

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