Accepting People as they are

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People are who they are.  Sure, they can change…but do they really change?  Yes and no.

This post will suggest that people mostly do not change unless change forces them to.  And what kind of change forces change? The kind that makes you not avoid yourself or your actions any longer.

Basically, it’s an ultimatum by you and for you whether you are conscious of it or not. And let me clarify one important thing – You are NOT a victim.  You have created exactly this scenario to learn to be loving to yourself and to (usually) stop lying to yourself so you can continue with the status quo of how you’ve been going along in life.

People and situations change.  And when a situation changes into an unloving-for-you one, that’s when decisions need to be made.  Maybe it was a slow erosion of kindness, maybe you knew from the beginning that this particular person wasn’t a fit for you but you were desperate for some company, maybe it was a random unpleasant meeting – whatever it was you get to deal (or not deal) with it now.

Once you accept people as they are in this moment you free yourself up to essentially walk away from them.  You see how they are being and if it’s not to your liking, you can take a step back from that.  It’s all about self-love and respect.  If you respect another person’s being over your own – how can you ever respect yourself?  You can’t.  Unconditional love requires us to love ourselves and the rest comes from there.  We will always be constantly moving in our love and choosing loving situation for us to be a part of.  There will be no one putting themselves in situations they don’t want to be in.  And isn’t that the foundation of a loving world?  If everyone participates in activities that really and truly bring them joy…wouldn’t the world be a more authentic and honest place to be as a whole?  We would see massive changes in collective.  We would see something called self-responsibility.  The ability to respond according to accepting how we are and function in this present moment.  How lovely would that be?  Very lovely as it would free us up to have the energy and use it to keep increasing our abilities as we move along throughout life.  Most people get stuck in life.  Most can’t find their way out to continue in any meaningful or loving way.  What if self-authenticity and responsibility was the way out for many people living today?

When you accept people as they are you are able to walk away and look after yourself.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Now go…and get to it.  And don’t forget your balls along the way.  You’ll need them. 😉


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