I am a sensitive.  I intuit a LOT of information and energy as I go throughout my day and my life.  It used to overwhelm me and throw me off balance until I slowly began to understand that the more I loved myself throughout my day and experiences, the easier it was for me to have a focus for the information I was receiving.  Without focus, everything just seeps out everywhere and that is what happened to me for many years.  I chased lots of other people’s dreams without realizing my own.

This website it to realize, once again, a dream I have:  To teach people how to be honest, loving, accepting and integral with themselves.  I feel that if each and everyone of us on this planet did this, we would see amazing and incredible changes abound.  I know I have personally done this and continue to do this and my life is certainly not the same as it was even 5 years ago, 15 years ago or 5 hours ago.  Through this work (and it is work) I have discovered that many things are not as they seem. That we are here to be on our side.  We were trained to look after others but that way of being doesn’t work.  If we aren’t looking after ourselves then we cannot give anything to any other.  It’s an empty-shell game and we all become the losers…generation after generation.  It’s time for humanity to prevail once again. It’s time for human beings to be…themselves.  Be who each and every one of us came to be.  Ourselves.

In unconditional love,

Eileen Gale

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