1. what do you REALLY want? 
  2. What is the most important thing at this moment? 
  3. If you could travel to the future…would you be happy or sad you are making the choice you are choosing? 
  4. Advocate for yourself. No matter what others are saying, do what you feel is right for you. You gave bad periods…rest. Take time off to heal and recover from the pain. Society often doesn’t support people in their flow and need for down time. It is SO important to acknowledge and HONOUR wh were you are at.empowering 

Creation basics: 

  1. Do ONLY what you REALLY want to do 
  2. Forget the rest
  3. Take time to appreciate the creations you DO create 
  4. Have FUN. Laugh, giggle, and enjoy things that make your heart and face smile. Uplifting yourself creates a high vibration for wellbeing and joyful experiences to materialize. And when you get down, feel it, alchemize it and uncover the nugget of wisdom within it. 
  5. See everything as a learning opportunity to get to know yourself better and love yourself even more.