Welcome to my universe where a safe space is provided for you to explore, think about, and most importantly feel into many truly LIFE-GIVING and deeply LIFE-ENHANCING topics.

After having visited here, may you become even more aware of your own personal ability to be a Conscious Creator in your own universe and world.  May you glean what serves you, reflect upon it, and leave in an even more awakened and aware state from having visited this day.

I wish you, and all of us, the very best of everything you truly desire. After all, that’s why we came here to planet earth…isn’t it?

*I perform conscious alchemy through my being.  Sometimes it comes out in writing, sometimes in spoken words, sometimes in my laughter.  However it comes is how I express it.  This space has been created out of a need for self-expression and it offers you, the reader, an opportunity to observe, discern, and play with the energies that are offered here. May it encourage you to perform your own form of self-alchemy taking sacred knowledge and applying it to your own unique life.


I am here to bring a NEW WAY of BEING on this planet.

  • To bring the frequency of self-integrity and choosing what you DO want to create in your personal world without victim hood and blame.
  • How to see what you don’t want and walk away from it by choosing to create a life that really suits you. A life of self-love, honesty and alchemy.
  • Seeing the seeming challenging life situations as the distractions they are – and knowing that by looking at them with a self-loving heart and with trust – we can transform ANY situation we are in to one of unconditional love, harmony, and inner-peace.

There ARE other ways. There really is a TRUE FREEDOM that can come from consciously creating from your knowing and living life in integrity with who you truly are.

Come explore with me the ART of Conscious Alchemy!


***If you are here, it’s for a reason.  Trust that. Trust you.*** Use what feels good to you and keep hanging on.***

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